Information about Czech and Slovak Association, Inc.

Our goal is to bring Czech and Slovak communities together, find a permanent place where we can meet, help each other, exchange information, organize cultural events including performances with artists from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, etc.

Our Association was established in March 2004 by three founders: Estera Mlch, Renata Dutton, and Maria Grantham. It was the year when the Czech Republic and Slovakia became members of the European Union and Boston Red Sox became the World Champions.

Non-Profit Status

We are a non-profit organization with 501 (c) (3) status. We are qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devices, transfers or gifts. Contributions to us are tax deductible under section 170 of the Code. You can view our 990 Form at www.guidestar.org.


We have since prepared a number of cultural, social, sport, and educational events to promote and preserve our Czech and Slovak heritage and to introduce it to the American public in the New England area.

We have organized concerts and performances of musicians and actors from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. They included the most famous and legendary three-generational band “Olympic” from the Czech Republic, Cechomor, Lenka Filipova, Vaclav Neckar, Ivan Mladek and the Banjo Band, Elvis Presley Revival Band, and Petr Kotvald. Plastic People of Universe played an important role in Tom Stoppard’s Rock’n’Roll that was shown in Boston, San Francisco, New York City’s Broadway, as well as in Prague and London.

Actors such as Jirina Bohdalova, Martin Dejdar, Ludek Sobota, Miroslav Donutil were phenomenal. From Slovakia, it was Miroslav Zbirka, Peter Nagy, Misha, Bystrik, and Maduar. They all brought something special and unforgettable to our audience.

The ethnic atmosphere of the Harvest Fest with a traditional folk band Pajtasi is becoming our most popular annual event. For our youngest members The Family Day with games and sport activities in the Hopkinton State Park, May Day (Majales), as well as the celebration of St. Nicolas Day, are in high attendance and demand. Children can also participate in our contest featuring traditional folk songs.


We have organized or co-organized truly forever inspirational exhibits such as Jozef Gertli Danglar, Magic Number 8 in the History of Slovakia, Eugen Suchon–100th Anniversary, 20 years of Slovakia, or Cyril and Methodius 1150th anniversary.

We are continuing with the series of 30-minute documentaries “Countrymen”. In 2007 and 2008 we successfully produced and aired the live Czech and Slovak Community show at BNN TV Boston. Many interviews can still be viewed on our website.

In addition, we provided many networking opportunities throughout the years.

The Czech and Slovak Association, Inc. is an all-volunteer, charity organization. Therefore, all administrative costs have been donated or underwritten.